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You can drift by pressing the accelerator and brake buttons at the same time.
Drift run is harder to decelerate than grip run.
 But if your character has high DRIFT parameter, grip run makes less decelerate.


If you jump off a step or use a jump stand, you will glide.
During gliding, press up/down to raise and lower.
Gliding use "AIR" parameter of the character instead of "SPEED" parameter.


During the race, the rider and board can be switched by pressing the switch button at any time. Switching uses some spell power. When it is completed, a slight acceleration is performed.
Your race performance always depends on the character of the board.


AIRTopspeed during gliding.
BOOSTAcceleration performance. It also affects spellings and ring acceleration.
DRIFTCurve performance. Higher value makes better cornering and harder to decelerate.
SPELLSpell power gain.
MASSWeight. The higher you are, the more you won't defeat the melee.

Costume Color

All characters has extra costume color.
You can get it by increasing class or enter special costume code.
You can choose costume by pressing left / right in Character select.
Extra costume can be seen by opponents at Online race.

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Spell cards

Spell cards

When [Spell] button is pressed in a state where a certain amount of spell gauges are accumulated, draw a spell card.
Press the button again to use.
Each character can hold a spell card, and the rider character would use the card.
The maximum number of spell gauges is two (Green to Blue).
There is a last word gauge on the spell gauge, and when this gauge and two spell gauges are accumulated, you can draw "Last Word" card.
 Last Word is powerful, but you can only use it once for each character in a single race.

Knives of the Maid

Knives that flies straight ahead in three directions.
They bounce off a wall but has small power.

An amulet that flies forward and slightly pursues an enemy.
It has more power than a knife, but disappears when it hits a wall.
Magical Mushroom Bomb

A mushroom-shaped bomb that flies in a parabola and explodes at the point of landing.
Demon Lord Cradle

Accelerate while jumping. You can climb over a small step.
Spiritual Strike

Shows a dome-shaped spiritual strike and blows away enemies around it.
Attacks and droped items can also be erased.
Scapegoat doll

Protects you only once from a rear attack.
Press the spell button again to put her there.
Divine Raiment of the Dragon Fish

The robe covers the body for a certain period of time, improves grip and acceleration, and protects against a certain attack.
Tengu Fan

Boost strongly over a period of time. It works better than a cradle, but no jump.

Stardust Reverie

Accelerate straight while jumping. The acceleration speed is the fastest among the spell cards.
Dolls' War

Three dolls circle around you.
Pressing the spell button leaves one doll at a time.
Defensive Barrier

A barrier protects your surroundings against any attack.
It will also be activated automatically if you're shot while in possession.
Luna Dial

Set out three time clocks around you.
Pressing the spell button cut off one by one and remain it there.
If anyone touch the clock, her time slows down for a while.
Peerless Patriot's Elixir

Become invincible for a while and accelerate. Other player who touches you would be blown away.
Also, the character switch does not consume spell power. The body shines in seven colors.
Sky-God Summon: Onbashira

Three onbashiras fall in front of the opponent who is one rank ahead (ignore distance).
If you are at the top, they would fall behind you.
Sinking Anchor

A huge anchor appears around.
It will fly forward by pressing the spell button again or passing certain amount of time.
They bounce off walls and penetrate enemies without disappearing.
Light Trap of Passing Away

Spread five spirits around and fire them with the spell button.
Each spirits tracks a tiny bit.
3x Amulets

Hold 3 amulets.
3x Magical Mushroom Bomb

Hold 3 bombs.

Fantasy Seal

Charging speed: ☆☆☆
Emits five light spheres.
Tracks and blows away three players ahead of you.
Master Spark

Charging speed: ☆☆☆
A huge landform penetrating laser beam is fired forward.
Mini-Hakkero was separated after deployment and remained there.
Sakuya's World

Charging speed: ☆☆☆
For about six seconds, the flow of time slows down.
Spear the Gungnir

Charging speed: ☆
A crimson spear flies fast to the first player.
Also attacks players on the way.
Guest Star's Brilliance

Charging speed: ☆☆
Launch a star, grows larger in the sky, and slowly falls into the top player.
Nearby players also get involved.
Froggy Braves the Storm

Charging speed: ☆☆
A strong wind and rain blows, and the higher the player, the slower the speed.
You always accelerate during the effect time.

Charging speed: ☆☆☆
Absorb spell power of all players for a fixed time.
Angry Mask of 10 Faces

Charging speed: ☆
The first player gets angry face and will be crashed after 10 counts.
Masks are contagious to players who move closer during the count.

Charging speed: ☆☆
The speed performance is greatly improved from the start to the first place.
The effect will be interrupted if you're crashed too far.
Peerless Patriot's Elixir EX

Charging speed: ☆☆☆
Become invincible for a period of time and accelerate strongly.
Then it explodes. Terribly.
Attack of the Scary Blue UFOs

Charging speed: ☆☆☆
Transform yourself into a UFO for a certain period of time and will automatically run at high speed along the course.
You will be invincible during the transformation.
Taiyi Trueflame

Charging speed: ☆☆☆☆
Throw 16 balls of light ahead anytime you pressed Spell button.
It explodes when it hits the ground.

Secret characters:

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Online race

Ranked Match

Play online with one button.
After the race, you will receive rank points according to the result.
 If you win against a stronger person, you will get a lot of points, and you will also get bonus points depending on the race.
 When points accumulate above a certain level, the rank (C- to A+) or class (Fairy to ???) increases.
Matching is usually done with people of the same class.
 If you wait in a vacant room, you will gradually match people from different classes.

Bonus point example
Untouchable LeadGoal well ahead of the runner-up
Every Day DriftingOnce-a-day bonus
Spells HitFive points each for the hit spell
No DamageNever attacked
Big ComebackFirst place finish after running last.
Not Over Until It's OverFinished the race in last place.
And etc...

Disconnecting during race reduces your rank point.


Title that somehow shows how much you play and how strong you are.


Title that somehow shows the winning rate in the game. You can see it only in the room.
Higher-ranking contestants are given special faction titles.

Free Match

You can make a room and play with someone.
If you put a password, you can play only with people you know.
In the free match, the host who the person made a room can select the course freely, and the start (pause) button can be used to start the match at any time.

In the room, you can choose rules by inputting up and down.
 Normal:Play with the same settings as usual.
 No Spells:Spell power gauge accumulates, but you cannot draw a spell card.
 Stoic:The amount of spell power gauge will be less than usual.
 Dynamic:The amount of spell power gauge is larger than usual.

About Cross-Platform Fights

You can play with the same network for both Doujinban, Steam version, and Switch version.
Save data is not shared. You also cannot migrate to another platform.

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Trouble shooting

Q. Where is a save data / config file?
A. It locates %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\illuCalab_\SkyDrift

Q. I want to reset config.
A. Delete config file.

Q. Game pad doesn't work.
A. Another USB device is recognized as 1P game pad. Change USB port of your devices.

Q. I found a bug!
A. Please report it atsupport form or Discord (Discord is better)
Attach output_log.txt right after you noticed a bug. Log file is located as same place as save data / config file.

Q. Where is replay files?
A. Replay folder in the same folder as save data.

Q. I found harassment / cheat.
A. Actions that significantly interfere with the game play of other players or that interfere with normal game play regardless of specifications or bugs are prohibited. Please report to Discord with a replay or video.

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Created by

Director / Game Designer / Programmer

Illustrator / Artist
Haru. (Harunium)

Server / Network

Production assistant

3D Helper
Watanabe Yusuke
Takesue Hiroshi
Hitsuji Hiko

2D Helper
Okuda Keisuke

Scenery Illustration

MasKaleido (SOUND HOLIC)
Akiyama uni

Opening / Ending theme「SkyDrift」
Vocal:Nana Takahashi

Record page Design
Nakano chiko

Shiroi Koyagi

Project Manager
Sakamoto Kazunori
Ito Akinari
John Davis
Nagai Toshiyuki
Mitani Mao
Operation Manager
Iwasaki Mari
QA Manager
Yamashita Hideaki
Kuroki Ryosuke

Special Thanks
Frofile 1p
Aichi genjin Naru

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