"Finally, a Touhou Project racing game!
Race down courses set in the magical land of Gensokyo!
Use the tag system to swap rider and board.
Lots of spell cards and Last Words!

Get a move on and get racing!"


Tag System

Switch between rider and board at any time.
Racing performance depends on the board, and you can maintain a separate spell card stock for each character.

Spell Cards

Pass through rings to fill up the spell card gauge.
Level depends on how full the gauge is. Build up gold LW gauge to unleash each character's unique Last Words.

Online Matches

Use the random matchmaking system to play online.
Records are kept for ratings, rankings, and more.


On the outskirts of the Human Village, near the entrance to the Forest of Magic.
The early summer sun is scorching the asphalt out in front of Korindo.

Rinnosuke: Whoa... What the heck?! What is all this?!
Marisa: Whaddya mean, 'what'? It's a race circuit. Pretty well made, don'tcha think?

Marisa Kirisame, a young magician, lets out a hearty laugh in front of the perplexed Rinnosuke Morichika.
A shrine maiden storms in with her face flushed before Rinnosuke can fully regain his bearings.

Reimu: Ah! There you two are! I was looking for?Whoa, what the heck?!
Marisa: Whaddya mean, 'what'?

On closer inspection, Marisa notices that Reimu's clothes are covered in mud and grass stains,
and she appears to be scratched up by countless small branches.

Marisa: What happened to you?
Reimu: I don't even wanna get into it. Can you fly?

Marisa grips her usual broom with a scoff, as though the question hardly needs an answer.
Her body starts to float into the air.

But in the next moment, she's hit by a strange sensation. An oppressive atmosphere bears down
on her, passing from her head down her back, and out through the tips of her toes.

Marisa: Ugh... I'm feeling dizzy...
Reimu: Yeah, that's it right there. Our spiritual power... or is it magical power for you? 
Whatever, anyway, it's almost like it's leaking out.

Ah, no wonder she was careening headlong through the woods.
Just as Marisa nods to herself, a pitch-black shadow leaps out from a corner of the storehouse
where various objects lay strewn about. Reimu and Marisa both sense a powerful aura from it.
An aura overflowing with energy, probably the same energy stolen from them.

Marisa: It took off down the race track!
Reimu: After it!

As she says this, Reimu hops onto Marisa's back.

Marisa: Um... Reimu?
Reimu: We can sweat the details later! Try to picture us merging our spiritual power! We'll cover for each other!
Marisa: C-Could you at least take off your shoes...?

After watching them fly down the track at high speeds, Rinnosuke shakes his head and wonders what he just saw.


She stands smugly, power brimming within her as the sun rises.
It's amount of spiritual energy she's never achieved before. She feels like she can take on the world.
So far, everything "she" said has turned out true.

But the girl knows...
She knows that she's always been strong anyway.



Hakurei Reimu
Reimu Hakurei
 Balanced Technical

The Hakurei shrine maiden. An orthodox all-rounder. Use her offensive Last Word to establish dominance in the midgame.

LAST WORD Fantasy Seal



A circuit course that suddenly appeared in front of Korindo. Marisa constructed it overnight with kappa technology.

An orthodox track with mostly straight lines and gentle curves, it\'s dotted with fence-hopping shortcuts. It has lots of boost rings, too.